The three NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, represented by the images below, were acquired by AOI (Art on Internet Foundation) on December 17, 2021. Click each still image to view the animated audiovisual NFT on the blockchain. The first work, entitled Mesmertron, was my first secondary market sale, in which it was purchased by a collector, and then later sold by that collector to another collector, in this case, AOI.  Smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain allow royalties to be paid to artists automatically when secondary market sales of NFTs occur.

Colin Goldberg - Mesmertron

Colin Goldberg - Holism

Colin Goldberg - Thoughtwaves


AOI is a movement for emerging art and technology. It’s mission is to elevate digital art and make NFTs accessible to a global audience through a non fungible collection, metaverse exhibitions, television documentary series as well as a diverse schedule of 1/1 events. AOI collaborates with artists and brands to help create innovative projects that shape the future of Web 3.

The AOI Collection

The AOI collection is a select group of multi-dimensional artworks represented by non-fungible tokens. This collection presents the ongoing history of art on the internet, with chosen works representing a connection between the analog and the pixelated promises of the metaverse. Created by multiple artists across a range of mediums, each piece connects the immaterial nature of its works to their immutable role in the future of art online.