Colin Goldberg - New Plastic Shodo #5


Colin Goldberg, New Plastic Shodo #5, 2013.
Sumi ink, acrylic and ink on Kinwashi paper
18.75 x 12.25 in (47.63 x 31.1 cm). Unique work. Signed, titled, and dated.
Permanent Public Collection, VCA (Verostko Center for the Arts), Latrobe  PA USA

Verostko Center for the Arts

I am honored to announce that my 2013 work on paper, “New Plastic Shodo #5”, has been accepted into the permanent public collection of the Verostko Center for the Arts, located in Latrobe, Pennsylvania USA. The center’s namesake, Roman Verostko (born September 12, 1929) is an American artist and educator who creates code-generated imagery, known as algorithmic art.

Verostko developed his own software for generating original art based on form ideas he had developed as an artist in the 1960s.

I consider Verostko an artistic hero of mine, and I have had the privilege of corresponding with him personally recently about my work with Techspressionism. Verostko was a founding member of the Algorists, which I would consider one of the first organized computer art movements.

Interestingly, he also recounted to me how he had lived and worked in NYC during the time of many of the abstract expressionist painters, many of whom he met, including Ad Reinhardt, Robert Motherwell, and Philip Guston.

He encouraged me to continue with the development of Techspressionism, saying that he felt that “the work that my colleagues and I are creating is important. ”  This very meaningful exchange will always be remembered as I move forward in my own artistic development.