I was excited to wake up on Wednesday to a nifty surprise: I won some crypto in an art contest!

I had created an animation for an art contest created by a new NFT project called Niftorian. The theme was owls, which is the platform’s mascot. My owl was a little bit trippy looking, and I titled the work “This owl spent too much time at the club”. I didn’t expect to win at all, it was just something I made to unwind for a bit. If you are interested in learning about how to mint NFT’s, you should check Niftorian’s Artist Accelerator.

My Techspressionist artist comrade ScoJo, who is the project’s Creative Director, introduced me to Niftorian a few weeks ago, and I invited Bret Kinsella, the founder of the project, to share with us in a recent Techspressionist Salon. A few other Techspressionist artists have been involved in the creation of Mintpass artworks for Niftorian, inlcuding Michael Pierre Price and Skywaterr.

I am excited to announce that I have been invited to serve in an advisory role to the project, and look forward to future collaborations with Bret, ScoJo, and the rest of the Niftorian team. More to come on NFT’s and the Techspressionism Collection in upcoming journal entries.