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Structuring Our Habitat

July 17 – Nov. 12, 2017


Colin Goldberg
Cheryl Molnar
Jason Paradis

 Curated by Dawn Lee

Please join us for a special reception, Sunday, Sept. 17, 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Images: Molnar, left – Goldberg, top right – Paradis, lower left


Artists of this exhibition examine the structures of the spaces we inhabit.

Jason Paradis contemplates the natural phenomenon of our surroundings, by deconstructing the experience with relation to self, concepts of time, and the natural systems in which we dwell. Inspired by the night skies, a space vast and beyond, both motion of emanated light sources and the voids of the unknown are reconstructed through the lines and planes that are the framework for these abstracted paintings. Paradis gives an organized composition with an entrance point for the viewer to further engage in this dialogue with “something larger than the immediate world.” 

Cheryl Molnar also speculates about the environment, as she disassembles and reconstructs her own spaces through a combination of collage and painting. Juxtaposing the natural with architectural features her process mimics the fragmentation, rearranging, and alteration of the natural world by human development. The layering of materials offers insight into the layers of our infrastructure with the surface appearance of a transformed landscape being the product of society and its function and collective perspectives. The resulting large-scale works are as expansive as developers sprawl across land.

Colin Goldberg further considers built environments as he pioneers the interface between the physical world, cyberspace, and the psychological realm. With subconscious response to initial brushstrokes made on canvas through traditional painting, his reconfiguration of line occurs in a digital media. The combination builds the web of places and objects imaginary yet familiar.

Using a similar visual language each adapted for their own, these artists express the innate human need to find and create order among the interwoven patterns of the fabric of our surroundings whether for further contemplation and understanding or for intervention and manipulation towards how we choose to structure our habitats.

Artists: Colin Goldberg, Cheryl Molnar, & Jason Paradis

Curated by Dawn Lee – Statement by Andrea Baatz

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