Colin Goldberg, Illuminatus Digitalis, 2007. Acrylic, archival inkjet and liquid polymer on canvas, 36 x 48 inches.

Colin Goldberg, Illuminatus Digitalis, 2007.
Acrylic, archival inkjet and liquid polymer on canvas, 36 x 48 inches.
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Curated by Scott Bluedorn / Neoteric Projects
CRUSH CURATORIAL, 68A Schellinger Road, Amagansett, NY (MAP)

* Please park on the SOUTH SIDE OF SCHELLINGER ROAD FACING EAST to avoid a ticket

Contact: Scott Bluedorn –
Opening Reception: Friday, April 28th, 6 – 9 pm
Closing Reception: Friday, May 26th, 6 – 9 pm

Open also by appointment at:
CRUSH CURATORIAL is pleased to present ALT-EGOS
curated by Scott Bluedorn/Neoteric Projects.

“In a codified, commodified and often rigid art world, the artist is often stifled and forced into a clearly identifiable box in order to be successfully marketed. Galleries and institutions often pander according to taste, style and output, a practice that is limiting to the artist and often retards or extinguishes the creative mind in favor of consistency of brand. Yes, many artists are driven by obsession and fixation on particular forms and ideas, but many also explore their art in various channels and mediums – often without outlet or exposure.

The premise of the exhibition ‘Alt-Egos’ is to illuminate work by artists that is wholly different from that which they are known in the public eye. It is my belief that many artists foster multiple creative canons in their investigations of the world, and many have more than one outlet for their creativity. The ego in art can be synonymous with ‘style’ or ‘manner’, and this exhibition would like to break that mold to offer the viewer a new look at the chosen artists oeuvre. An ‘alter ego’ or pseudonym is very liberating, it allows the artist to masquerade without self-consciousness, develop art that investigates alternative concerns, and stretches new creative muscles.

Artists selected for the show come from many stages of career, genre, mode, and creative endeavor. Work selected reflects an alternate portfolio of each artist, drawing from early work, experiments, side projects, hidden talents, and even crafts.”

– Scott Bluedorn, Curator

Andrea Cote • Janet Jennings • Bill Komoski
Saskia Friedrich • Mark Wilson • Karen Hesse Flatow
Hiroyuki Hamada • Will Ryan • Jon Kessler
Perry Burns • Hildy Maze • Eric Fischl
Randall Rosenthal • Paton Miller • Lucy Winton
Christine Sciulli • Bastienne Schmitt • Mark Perry
Philippe Cheng • Terry Elkins • Dan Welden
Li Trincere • Charlotte Hallberg • Colin Goldberg
Scott Bluedorn • Alex DiJulio • Kristina Felix
Jackie Black • Charles Ly • John Messinger
Gregory Johnston • Peter Dayton • Jane Martin
Idoline Duke • Kara Hoblin • Steve Miller
Eric Dever • Rossa Cole • and others….


CRUSH CURATORIAL is an artist-run curatorial project founded by Karen Hesse Flatow
in 2013. CRUSH CURATORIAL collaborates with artists and guest curators to host
exhibitions in New York City’s Chelsea Gallery district and Amagansett, NY:

Scott Bluedorn is a multimedia artist, curator and director of Neoteric Projects, a
continuation of a physical gallery founded in 2012 in Amagansett, NY focusing on
presenting emerging and established artists of the east end of Long Island in thematic
pop-up exhibitions and special events.